Our Mission

To provide quality mental health therapy services for a world where we help each other and are at peace with ourselves.


Our Philosophy

At Calderas Counseling we aim to provide quality therapy by educating ourselves and leading by example. Our values are Balance, Respect, and Love:

We aim to have a balanced life.

We respect ourselves and the people around us.

We love ourselves and show kindness and compassion to others.

We work with you to empower you and give you the tools to be your best self. We believe that when we look inward, practice self-care, and work together it becomes easier to express our true self. 

Our philosophy may influence our counseling sessions in the following ways:

  • During therapy sessions, we can create a plan to find balance in your life: work-life balance, setting boundaries, and looking at balance in five different areas (emotional, physical, social, spiritual, and professional).

  • In therapy sessions, we can explore self-esteem, assertive communication, and other areas of self-respect.

  • In therapy sessions, we can explore self-love by using mindfulness and self-compassion.


Our Counseling Office

Welcome! Please sit and relax in our waiting area. Your therapist will come get you at the time of your counseling session.


Calderas Counseling

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