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Hi, I'm Shari!

Hello, it is a blessing to meet you all!

I am delighted to serve alongside an amazing group of therapists here at Calderas Counseling. I am also eager to continue learning more about each of you, my wonderful clients’, and colleagues.

First, I would like to share a little bit about myself and the path that led me here to Calderas Counseling!

I was born and raised in a suburb outside of Houston, called Sugar Land, where I lived with my mother, two brothers, and twin sister. My parents divorced when I was 9; my childhood presented mixed emotions, joyful memories of being involved in dance and ice skating, spending time with my family and friends, but also distressful memories of my parents fighting. I feel my childhood experiences laid the foundation for my passion of working with children who also experienced divorce.

I attended public schools throughout my childhood. Once graduated from high school, I attended Sam Houston State University, where I received my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. A few years prior to starting college, I began my involvement with the biological father of my children, who subtly started exhibiting abusive behaviors towards me. It was during that time, I gained the greatest blessing, my son, Jayse. I commuted from Rosenberg to Huntsville during the weekdays to complete my degree, while working three jobs. This was one of the most challenging times of my life, fears of being an inadequate parent, wondering if I would be able to provide, but I did it! While Jayse was an infant, I was a single mother, so it was just me and my son doing life together.

Once receiving my bachelor’s degree, I began working for Harris County Juvenile Probation, where I served as a Juvenile Supervision Officer. The culture and overall experience were eye opening for me, paving the way to informally counsel juveniles in need who were seeking a positive, meaningful path forward. After working in a juvenile corrections facility for three years, I felt a calling to serve children at a different capacity; I decided I wanted to become a teacher. I feel very blessed to have touched countless lives over the eight years I taught, helping my students gain academic knowledge, develop a love for learning, and most of all gain confidence and experience increased self-esteem, exploring their strengths so they can reach their highest potential.

Throughout my life and career transitions, I was experiencing domestic violence, trying to stay strong for my children even though I was struggling inside. During this time, I became pregnant once again, but with my angel Heidi, hoping and praying things would be different. She and her brother, and most of all, God, got me through the toughest times that have led me to my true calling, counseling.

For almost a decade, I experienced emotional trauma, but nearing the end, the abuse escalated to physical and sexual trauma. On March 4, 2017, the biological father of my two children attempted to end my life, which completely changed my perception and outlook. Since that day, the Lord has planted a seed in me to serve others as a therapist, helping the population of women who are also survivors of domestic violence, and have experienced trauma. Going through the legal proceedings, facing psychological challenges, conversing with counselors in women’s centers, and listening to other women who share similar stories, it lit a fire in me to go back to school and turn this passion into a reality. Every day I wake up, I thank the Holy Spirit for allowing me to do what I do, providing perseverance and strength, as I juggled teaching, counseling, raising two children, and a long-distance marriage. I thank God also for my amazing husband. He has not only exceeded my expectations as a partner, showing me what a healthy relationship looks like, but as a daddy as well, stepping in and being a positive role model and father figure when he did not have to be.

Now I will share some fun facts about me! I LOVE my french bulldogs, Waffuls (he passed away this year) and our newest Frenchie, Bleu! I enjoy lifting weights and cycling, and most of all ice skating! I also love traveling (going to Europe and seeing Castles has been my favorite!), and spending time with my twin sister, Sarah. Over everything, I love spending my time with my two children, and my husband, going on bike rides and watching movies with them.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post and learn more about me. As you can see, my trials and struggles have led to great blessings, being able to serve many clients with varying mental health goals. My overall goal is to serve Him, and be the light for others, helping each person I touch gain perspective and the skills needed to be the best person they can be as they journey through life.

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