Mindful of THEIR Sacrifice

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

There are no words that will ever speak justice for the sacrifice of our country’s most brave men and women. I am more painfully aware of how precious their lives are to me each year I take time to count the cost. I challenge myself as I am challenging you to be mindful of the men and women who have died for our freedom as well as thier families who live out every day in their absence. I ,like so many, come from a family of military history dating back farther than I even know. My great grandfather(Army) fought in world war two and for some time was presumed dead while he was recovering from a mangled leg in a European field hospital. They even had a funeral for him back home and then his letters began to reach my great grandmother. Two of my grandfathers were Air Force active duty. Another grandfather served in the Army during the German occupation immediately following WWII for the Stars and Stripesnewspaper. My father was a Marine, oldest brother was an officer in the Air force, two other brothers in the Air Force and Marines. My person currently serves Army reserves and has served in Iraq as a medic. I have so much love for these brave men in my life. I am grateful every day for the sacrifice of their time and resources and their bravery to leave their home and families to contribute to the cause of our freedom. The point in telling you about them is that I know how precious the fact that they lived is and I honor those who did not. I will never take these men for granted. I am alive because they lived. I am also alive because others died.

Memorial Day is a day to acknowledge the life we have been given and the livelihood we live because of those who fought bravely and paid the ultimate price. Their sacrifice is why we so easily go on about our lives often unmindful of the cost of our freedoms. Our culture often fixates on obtaining the pleasures and comforts we want. We work to be more comfortable, to have more fun, and to have more stuff. All of that seems insignificant when you think of the men and women who leave every comfort behind and fight those who threaten our liberty and our peace. The past two years I have had the honor to volunteer for the Gary Sinise foundation’s “Snowball Express”. It is an amazing event put on at Disneyworld each December for the kiddos of our fallen. Getting to see these kids gather to remember and to honor their parents has been the most overwhelming, beautiful, and humbling experience of my life. Their sacrifice is very real to me. So, today I challenge you to send gratitude to those who have died so that you can chase after your dreams and live the life you choose. Make a mental list today of the things you are grateful for and remember life would be very different without the bravery and sacrifice of our fallen heroes.

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