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Team Member Spotlight-Alyssa

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

This week we are featuring Alyssa. She is a wonderful therapist and we are so grateful to have her as part of our team. Alyssa’s favorite thing about working with clients is building a relationship with them; a relationship where the clients feel comfortable to share their triumphs and successes while also feeling comfortable enough to share their worries and struggles.

What we love about her: she is AMAZING working with teenagers and she has so many qualities (fast learner, detail oriented, respectful, provides excellent client care, and many more, she is a joy to be around).

Enjoy her answers:

Why do you love being a part of Calderas Counseling?

Since my first interaction with Calderas Counseling I have felt that it is a warm and welcoming environment filled with genuine people who truly care. I’m thankful to be a part of a group of people who truly love what they get to wake up and do every single day. Each person at Calderas Counseling is unique; unique in the knowledge that they have, and the talents they can share. It is a place that is free of judgment and filled with support and encouragement

What do you enjoy most about your work with clients?

I think my favorite thing about working with clients is building a relationship with them. A relationship where the client feels comfortable to share their triumphs and successes while also feeling comfortable enough to share their worries and struggles. That has to be my favorite part of having the opportunity to work with clients, watching people grow and succeed in ways that they might not even notice! I think it’s easy for us, people as a whole, to focus on our failures or the things we wished we could have done better. We forget to celebrate the little things. The ‘in the moment’ tiny wins that add up to so much progress and growth in the long run. When we’re so focused on what we could have done we miss those valuable moments that pass with a blink of an eye.

What challenged you this week? Could you have handled it differently?

I believe this week the biggest challenge I faced was adapting to my evolving life and schedule. It can be hard to stay on top of things when it feels almost as if everything around you is changing. It’s hard to find your footing. Sometimes when things are moving so fast around you, you’re not sure where you fit. This week to help combat the feelings of being overwhelmed I’ve had to focus heavily on the things that make me feel full again, the things that recharge me. For me this means reading a good book, talking to family on the phone, going on long walks with my pup, and eating a good home-cooked meal.

What three things do you need to succeed for the week?

The three things I need to succeed for the week would have to be (1) my planner, (2) my black lab puppy Luna, and (3) my weekly grocery trip and meal prep. My planner is my lifeline! I find that being able to write everything down that I have to do, or the places I have to go helps me feel less stressed and overwhelmed. For me, making lists and having a planner is a way to free my brain and give myself a little break. My pup Luna allows me to make sure I take those moments for me to relax and enjoy my day. She makes sure we go on our mile long walks, giving me the chance to listen to a new podcast. This leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day may throw at me. I also love to start my week with a trip to the grocery store. I stock up on all my favorites (right now I’m on a sweet tooth kick) and plan out my dinners for the week. I love cooking and this ensures that I take the time throughout the week to do something I enjoy.

Who inspires you?

It’s hard to pick just one person who inspires me. The mentors I’ve had throughout my life have taught me so much and helped mold me into the person I am today. They provided me with knowledge and guidance that helped me process some tough experiences. My friends are strong, loving, independent, and hardworking. They each have something that I can learn from, something I can look up to. They are each so different in their own unique ways, there’s so much to appreciate about each one. Last but not least, my family. They inspire me every single day to be the best possible version of myself. When I struggle or need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on they’re there. They are my biggest cheerleaders and supporters. The love that they have inspires me to be better to myself and to be that light for others.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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