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Team Member Spotlight-Shari


I hope you are enjoying your day so far. This week we are featuring Shari. Shari has a background in education and she loves working with kids, teens, and women. Shari’s goal is to empower all clients, supporting and providing a warm, nonjudgmental presence as internal struggles are explored.

What we love about her: Shari is a wonderful therapist! She goes above and beyond in everything she does and she deeply cares about her clients. Shari is a blessing to work with! She has great relationships with her clients and with our staff. With a warm and beautiful smile is how Shari greets you.

Enjoy her answers:

Why do you love being a part of Calderas Counseling?

I love being a part of Calderas Counseling because the practice provides the opportunity to

work alongside a group of positive, supportive therapists and staff who also value providing our

clients with excellent service, helping each client reach their therapy goals. Also, we have FUN

together, engaging in activities such as Ax throwing!

What do you enjoy most about your work with clients?

I enjoy observing clients progress, witnessing them gain new perspective, and utilize the skills

learned as they journey through life.

What challenged you this week? Could you have handled it differently?

This week presented a unique situation with a new client. I believe I handled the situation to the

to the best of my ability, prioritizing the clients best interest.

What three things do you need to succeed for the week?

Prayer, support, and lifting weights!

Who inspires you?

The Lord inspires me each day to make a positive difference in the lives I serve.

I hope you are staying warm and that you have a wonderful Christmas full of love and blessings.

With love,


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