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Meet our Team

TFP_1741 web.jpg

Carla Calderas, MA, LPC, NCC

Clinical Director

TFP_1705 web.jpg

David Niño, PMP

Administrative Director

TFP_1800 web.jpg

Francesca Flores

Administrative Assistant

TFP_4855 web.jpg

Savannah Vance, MA, LPC

Mental Health Therapist

TFP_4881 web.jpg

Jeanine Vallatini, M.Ed., LPC

Mental Health Therapist

TFP_7314 web-2.jpg

Jessica Reyes, M.Ed., LPC

Mental Health Therapy

TFP_1754 web.jpg

Hayden Riley, MA, LPC Associate
Supervised by Chari Westcott, LPC-S

Mental Health Therapist


Briana Olivo, MA, LMFT Associate
Supervised by Dr. Jessica Barboza, LMFT-S

Mental Health Therapist

TFP_1966 web.jpg

Alissa Roberts, MA, LPC Associate
Supervised by Pamela Cosart, LPC-S

Mental Health Therapist


Join our Team

We are looking for a highly qualified therapist to join us. If that is you, please email us your resume, 3 professional references, and a cover letter.

Meet our Team: Services

Therapy Sessions are by Appointment Only

Monday - Saturday: 9am - 7pm

Meet our Team: Hours
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