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We understand that change is difficult and that in times of discouragement and loneliness you can doubt yourself and may need help. We are here to help! We are dedicated to providing quality mental health services. We work from a holistic perspective based on self-love and self-care. Our job is to work with you to create a balanced treatment plan to accomplish your goals. Reach out to us if you are an adolescent or adult experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, feeling lost, or wanting to make a positive change in your life. Let's work together to have a better quality of life!

We are conveniently located in Spring between Tomball and The Woodlands. 

For your convenience, we offer evening and Saturday appointments.


Our Services


Therapy for Teens

You are tired of feeling sad, alone, anxious, or depressed...

It's time to reach out to improve your mental health and quality of life.


Therapy for Depression

You have cried and dwelled on the past...

You deserve to feel better! You are worthy and we are here to help you through the journey.


Therapy for Anxiety

Your thoughts are overwhelming and keep you up at night...

If you are tired of feeling out of control, let's work together to decrease feelings of anxiety and help you feel back in control of your life.


Therapy for Couples

Arguments, put downs, and regrets...

Come learn about healthy ways to communicate and let's work on improving your relationship with your partner.


Career Coaching

You don't know what to do with your life, unsure of your purpose, lack direction, don't know what major to choose, unsure about how to further your career... 

Perhaps a coach can help. Let us help you identify the best options for you.





Corporate Training


Our Team

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Carla Calderas, MA, LPC, NCC

Clinical Director

David Niño, PMP

Administrative Director & Career Coach

Savannah Vance, MA, LPC Associate

Mental Health Therapist

Jeanine Vallatini, M.Ed., LPC Associate

Mental Health Therapist

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Alyssa Wright, M.Ed., LPC Associate

Mental Health Therapist

Carolina de Jongh, MA, LPC Associate

Mental Health Therapist

John Beralas, MS, LPC Associate

Mental Health Therapist

Breanna Skrhak, MA, LPC Associate

Mental Health Therapist

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Lisa Calhoun, M.Ed., LPC Associate

Mental Health Therapist

Shari Jobe, M.Ed., LPC Associate

Mental Health Therapist

Heather Redmon, MA, LPC Associate

Mental Health Therapist

Francesca Flores



Therapy Sessions are by Appointment Only

Monday - Saturday: 8:00am - 7:00pm