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Anxiety and Depression Poem + Resources

I was cleaning out old notebooks and I came across this poem that I wrote some time ago. Many of us face anxiety and depression, you are not alone.

For A Moment

For a moment, I wake up in fear.

I am consumed with all the pain and sorrow.

I feel empty and wonder if relief is near.

For a moment, I remember all the suffering that brought me here,

to this moment that is so hard to believe.

Do I have enough power within? Why am I here?

For a moment, I wish I was gone, or lost, or left alone.

I cry and wonder when all will be forgotten.

I want it all gone; the pain, the suffering, oh, what have I become?

For a moment, I become aware that being in my head is exhausting.

Depression? Anxiety? Is this my reality?

The thoughts are overwhelming and I'm drowning.

For a moment, I remember who I am.

I'm awake and I can see what I am meant to be.

I find the strength and I believe in who I am.

For a moment, I know that I must keep going.

I remember that I am strong, independent, and free.

I must love and accept myself, because in the end this is part of my soul's growing.

For a moment, I know that this is me,

with the ups and downs, with the pride and guilt, with the love and hate

This is me, and for a moment, peace is in me.

Carla Calderas

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or anxiety, please reach out to someone. You are worth it and it is okay to ask for help.


Much love,


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