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Depression Poem


I hope you are having a wonderful day :)

I want to share this poem with you. I wrote it some years ago and it still brought tears to my eyes. I hope you know that if you experiencing depression, we are here to help. If someone you know is struggling with depression, I hope this poem helps you understand what some days can be like. Please reach out to us if we can help in any way.

Also, there is a new life line number 988 that can be dialed when in crisis. Read more about it here:

Another Day

As the days pass

I think about my life

I sit around and wait

For the spark in my veins

I work, I pray, I plan in dismay

I pretend to be happy and hope not to get caught

Filled with doubt and emptiness,

More things were bought

The memories mean nothing

Time is an illusion

No one is here

Is this my conclusion?

Today is my birthday

I feel sad and inept

I'm confused and in pain

Because this I can't accept

Someone please help me

I'm crying for aid

Is that even possible?

Or do I just need to help myself?

I don't know what I want

Can I even be happy?

But how do I get there

when the climb seems so rocky

God, are you there?

I'm tired of this stress

Can you please help me?

I'm becoming depressed

I guess I will wait

Not sure for how long

My body is exhausted

And my soul is losing hope.

Carla Calderas

Much love,


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