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Hope Poem


I hope you are well.

I wrote this poem recently when I was feeling inspired about my healing journey and the progress that my clients have made. I hope that you find hope and inspiration in reading it. Enjoy!

Let It Be

Let your heart and brain unite

let your mind and body feel

as water goes down the stream

so may your feelings be expressed and released

You and me can weep and feel

As we remind ourselves that patience and kindness can set us free

Even when the night seems dark and long

We can look in the mirror and can find hope

Let this be the song I sing

When I feel lost and want to flee

"I got this, I'm powerful, I can learn from this

I breathe, I believe, with faith I ask so I shall receive"

Yes, this is it, I accept who in the mirror I see

the beauty, the scars, and all in between

step by step I'm growing and finding peace

I'm healing from the trauma that once felt too deep

This I pray for now and then

to remember to feel and let it be

Here and there, wild and free

I manage my thoughts to build the life I want to live

This I say on repeat:

"There is magic in me to myself forgive

I welcome the lesson, I trust, I let it be

I can learn to completely love and fully live"

I now experience more joy, harmony, wonder, belief

and this I want to always feel

I am getting better at letting it be

I heal, I thrive, I believe in me.

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